Business Buyers

First Business Resources, Inc. recognizes that the process of Buying a Business is not familiar to most potential Buyers. Although each business has its unique set of circumstances and each purchaser has specific reasons for considering a potential purchase of a specific business, the questions potential buyers ask First Business Resources, Inc. about the process of purchasing a business are very consistent.

Listed below, are the most frequently asked questions. We are pleased to answer all questions you may wish to explore. Please do not hesitate to telephone or register on the Contact form regarding your specific needs as they relate to your business acquisition plans.

1. How do I prepare to buy a company?

First Business Resources, Inc. will assist you in determining your acquisition goals and objectives. Before the acquisition search begins, it is important to narrowly define and target a specific industry, business size, develop an integration plan if applicable, understand your financial purchasing parameters and explore your financing options.

2. Do you help me arrange for financing?

First Business Resources, Inc. has an extensive financial institution network. We are available to assist you in evaluating your financing options as they pertain to your specific potential business acquisition.

3. Will you assist in strategic acquisitions?

Yes, First Business Resources, Inc. will formulate with you a definitive acquisition plan to target both single and multiple acquisition candidates. If you prefer, we will help you remain anonymous and maintain confidentiality until the appropriate time in the transaction.

4. Exclusive representation?

It has been our experience, that to serve our clients effectively, a team approach is best. We recommend that we are your exclusive Acquisition advisors. We will work in concert with your attorney, CPA, and other key advisors.

5. Geographical representation of First Business Resources, Inc.?

First Business Resources, Inc. will assist you in targeting companies for potential acquisition throughout the United States.

6. Who will be my contact person at First Business Resources, Inc.?

One of First Business Resources, Inc.’s principals will serve as your primary contact and will "guide" you to completion of this entire acquisition process. Personalized 24/7 service is the trademark of First Business Resources, Inc.