Buying a Business

Business consolidations and corporate rightsizing have created an environment whereby both corporations and business executives are seeking business acquisitions. First Business Resources, Inc. should be a Buyer’s first resource connection for expanding their existing business, purchasing a complementary or new business, or buying their first business.

First Business Resources, Inc. offers Buyers two types of services: Buyer Registration Services and Buyer Representation Services.

Buyer Registration Services

Registered Buyers become an active contact in First Business Resource’s confidential and extensive Buyer’s database upon entering the required information on the Contact form. First Business Resources immediately informs Registered Buyers of Seller listings that match their acquisition criteria. At the Buyer’s election, a free confidential consultation can be scheduled.

Buyer Representation Services

Confidential Service

As a potential Buyer, you do not want your future employees, industry competition, customers, or vendors to know which businesses you have targeted to purchase. Confidentiality in dealing with internal personnel and external sources is strongly encouraged and must be maintained throughout the acquisition process to achieve a successful transaction.

Identify Buyer’s Business Goals and Objectives

At First Business Resources, Inc., an initial complimentary consultation is offered whereby the Buyer’s business goals and objectives are identified. To schedule a confidential meeting, please telephone or register on the Contact form.

Internal Valuation Assessment

First Business Resources, Inc. will assist the Buyer in assessing the value of the targeted business, including through the use of a professional third party valuation report or buyer's internal valuation assessment.

Targeted Acquisition Search
The acquisition search objective is to find the optimum business that matches the Buyer’s acquisition criteria. A strategic acquisition plan increases Buyer efficiency and provides numerous potential Sellers from which a Buyer systematically chooses.

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An extensive search designed with the Buyer's input and tailored to your prescribed goals and objectives will be implemented to directly solicit qualified businesses for purchase. The achievement of the Buyer's defined business goals and personal objectives is the specific target of the acquisition search.

Marketing Search Strategies

  • Identify qualified Sellers in the in-house database
  • Directly target potential Sellers in related industries

Advertising Program

  • Local, national, international newspapers
  • Specialty trade publications
  • Internet networking program
  • Direct mail program

Transaction Services

First Business Resources, Inc. will work in concert with you, your legal firm and accounting team to finalize all the details of the transaction, to procure a purchase agreement and to complete a successful sale.

Transaction services include:

  • Coordinate all conferences and site visits
  • Coordinate the letters of intent
  • Consult with the Buyer and the Buyer's Attorney throughout the letter of intent and purchase agreement negotiations
  • Coordinate the due diligence process

The focus of a well-designed acquisition plan is to structure a customized targeted acquisition search, an efficient due diligence period, and an expedited transaction process. First Business Resources Inc.’s targeted acquisition search was designed to assist the Buyer in identifying specific business goals and objectives and then to design and customize an acquisition plan to achieve each of the Buyer's identified search parameters.

For a confidential discussion regarding your specific needs as they relate to your business acquisition plans, please telephone or register on the Contact form.