Selling a Business

Selling a business is perhaps the most complex and emotional decision made by business owners. Choose a professional who has the integrity, character, and experience to guide you through the many stages of this strategic process. First Business Resources, Inc. has developed an effective Six Point Success Plan.

Confidential Service

As a corporation or private owner, you do not want your current employees, industry competition, customers, or vendors to know that you are selling your company. Confidentiality in dealing with internal personnel and external sources is strongly encouraged and should be maintained throughout the disposition process to achieve a successful transaction. For the Seller's protection, First Business Resources, Inc. requires a Buyer's Confidentiality Agreement to be signed before the release of proprietary company information.

Identify Seller’s Business Goals and Objectives

First Business Resources, Inc., offers an initial on-site complimentary consultation to identify the Seller’s business goals and objectives. To schedule a confidential meeting to discuss the potential sale of your business, please telephone or register at Contact Us.

Internal Valuation Assessment

First Business Resources, Inc. will assist the company in assessing a value of the business, including the use of a professional third party valuation report or management's internal valuation assessment.

Business Memorandum

A customized professional business memorandum is prepared outlining the business opportunity to prospective Buyers. The objective is to highlight the financial and operational strengths of the company.

Propietary information is provided to Buyers only after they sign a Buyer's Confidentiality Agreement. Buyer’s pre-qualification and total transaction confidentiality is critical to the success of the sale.

Targeted Marketing Plan

The objective of our targeted marketing plan is to solicit qualified and motivated Buyers for your business. You, the Seller, will play a key role in the marketing process, as you are the one who knows your company the best. An extensive marketing program specifically tailored to your company should create a market strategy that encourages an open, competitive bidding environment. As offers are received, you will be able to make an informed choice as to which offer is best for your company's goals and objectives.

Marketing Strategies

  • Identify qualified and motivated Buyers in the in-house database
  • Target strategic and financial Buyers through direct sourcing

Advertising Program - Discreet advertising in:

  • Local, national, international newspapers
  • Specialty trade publications
  • Internet networking program
  • Direct mail program

Transaction Services

First Business Resources, Inc. will work in concert with you, your legal firm and accounting team to finalize all the details of the transaction, to procure a purchase agreement and to complete a successful sale.

Transaction services include:

  • Coordinate all conferences and site visits
  • Coordinate the letters of intent
  • Consult with the Seller and the Seller's Attorney throughout the letter of intent and purchase agreement negotiations
  • Coordinate the due diligence process

First Business Resources Inc. designed a Six Point Success Plan to assist the Seller in customizing a targeted marketing strategy, an efficient due diligence period, and an expedited transaction process.

For a confidential discussion regarding your specific needs as they relate to your business disposition plans, please telephone or register using the Contact option.