Marty Walker
Former Co-Owner & Vice President
Marble Falls Glass & Mirror, Inc.

“After interviewing three business brokers, I found Janae and George with First Business Resources, far above the others in knowledge, and frankly, professionalism. Their ideas on how to market my business with a concise strategy worked well. FBR did their due diligence on potential buyers to weed out the tire kickers and bring financially valid buyers to the negotiating table. Throughout the sale process, I found George’s negotiating tactics and Janae’s accounting acumen to be the 1-2 punch that made the day-to-day decisions much easier. I was extremely pleased with FBR from the beginning to the end of the sale of my business and I would recommend them to anyone interested in the sale or acquisition of a business.”

Rex Morgan
Former Owner & President
Morgen Chocolate, Inc.

“Patient, smart and detailed. The First Business Resources’ team helped me understand the process of selling a business and worked diligently to achieve my goals.”

Misty Holey
Former Co-Owner & Vice President
Holey Plumbing Co., Inc.

“I have more gray hair and wrinkles now than when we started... But the process has paid off and I couldn’t have done it without you! You’ve been awesome...thank you so very much.”

Whitney A. Walker
Former Owner & CEO
Antique Drapery Rod Company, Inc.

“I believe Janae and George are the best investment a business owner can make when it is time to sell! Not just for their amazing experience and intelligence, but most importantly for their connections to the best advisors in counseling in taxes, accounting, estate and legal issues. Their team makes everything calm and everything work as smoothly as possible.”

Joe Goddard
Former Owner & President
Goddard Healthcare Consulting, Inc.

“It was a true blessing working with Janae. This was my first venture in selling a business and basically went into the situation blind. Janae guided me, directed and advised me very, very well. I found her to be reliable, trustworthy and very knowledgeable. She has a unique ability to juggle several items at one time while all the while looking after her client’ best interest. I never felt hurried or pressured. She knows the numbers and the emotions that are involved with selling a business. She is truly talented individual and I would be happy to recommend her to anyone.”

Jamie Lynch
Former Co-Owner & President
FTGU Medical Consulting, LLC

Referral email sent by Ms. Lynch to a business owner - “Attached, is my team that made selling FTGU possible at a great multiple! I highly encourage and recommend you work with them in your quest to sell!”

Kevin Snyder
Billor Enterprise, Inc.

“Thank you for your persistence and your patience in working with me on the acquisition of the assets of Billor Enterprise, Inc. You definitely represent the “Gold Standard” for business brokers in the Metroplex.”

Eddie Lesok
Former Owner & President
Advanced Cast Stone, Inc.

“I used Janae Chamblee and First Business Resources to sell and market my manufacturing business after interviewing several other firms. I choose First Business Resources because they understood business practices, communications, and how financial plans and structures work on a day-to-day basis. The other firms had some but not all the skills I needed”

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